“Biscottis” is Classic Italian, crunchy, twice-baked cookie. A variety of Almond, Chocolate, Double chocolate and toffee Biscotti and Mandelbrodt.

Small packages: approx. 6 units. 
Medium packages: approx. 12 units.

“Cachito de jamon” is a small, soft bread with slightly sweet dough that is stuffed with ham.

By the dozen

(add $3.00 for additional units.)

“Arepas” our own version of the Venezuelan white corn bread with Oat and sweet corn. It’s Ideal to fill it up with prepared meat.

By the dozen

(add $2.25 for additional units.)


Cilantro Sauce, exquisite dressing that goes well with almost any meal, Spicylantro is the spicy version of the Cilantro sauce and Basil&love a basil based sauce, RedBell Salsa a red bell pepper and garlic grilled based, Sweetgreen Salsa a perfect combination of Anaheim pepper and garlic, Pan Tumaca base tomato seasoned with olive oil and salt.

8 oz jar:

“Galician empanada”, typical food of North Spain, exquisite chicken, beef, tuna or bacalao stuffed with paprika, inside a soft wheat crust.


Small: +/- (9.5”x11”) +/- (6 portions)
Medium: +/- (10” x15”) +/- (8 portions)
Large: +/- (12” x17”) +/- (12 portions)

Chicken, Beef or Tuna

$ 30.oo
$ 36.oo
$ 55.oo



“Tortilla Española,” or “Spanish Omelette,” This classic Spanish dish is a perfect combination of eggs and potatoes.

One size (approx. 8″):

“Carpaccio” is an exquisite Italian appetizer made of raw meat, pounded thin, served and cooked with lemon, olive oil, ground pepper and Parmesan cheese and topped with a delicious basil vinaigrette.

Tray (10”x14”)

“Hallacas & Bollitos” Cornflour wrapped or mixed with a delicious beef, pork and chicken stuffed, flavored with wine and papelón(brown sugar cane), cooked in banana leafs. Typical Venezuelan dish. (Minimum order, 12 units)

$ 10.oo
$ 8.00

“Salads” Tuna or Quinoa salad, our original recipes, a healthy dish, low calorie, both exquisite with a sweet touch. The perfect combination of carbohydrates and protein (tuna or white and Red Quinoas) with lots of veggies. Our menu also Includes the new Ptitim (couscous) salad and Thabbouleh (with integral Bulgor wheat).

16 oz jar:
 32 oz jar:
64  oz jar:
124 oz jar:
$ 15.oo
$ 25.oo
$ 45.oo
$ 80.oo

“Carne Mechada” Slowly cooked flank steak with delicious vegetables, very popular and savory dish in Venezuela. “Venezuelan Pulled Pork” long marinated pork, slowly cooked for a Great blend of flavors.

Carne Mechada per pound.
 Pulled Pork per pound.
$ 25.oo
$ 20.oo